Hey there,

I am Jeremy Clardy a graphic artist and this is my portfolio. I appreciate you stopping by to have a good ol' poke around to learn a bit about me. If you have any questions or comments, just contact me.


My Work

Folded Flag Lrg
  • Folded Flag Text close up
  • Folded Flag in context

Folded Flag


An anti-war poster that focuses on the horrors that many military families face on a daily basis during the war.


Full color poster with a finished size of 24"X36"

Wag Lrg
  • Wag logo
  • Wag inside



A brochure for a dog day care service. Everything from the logo to the color choice portrays a lively active setting that the dogs would experience during their time there.


3 color 3 panel double sided brochure with a finished size of 3.6"X8.5" folded

  • ALZ close up
  • ALZ in context



A poster for Alzheimer's to help bring awareness to the support group meetings. The image was sculpted from tie wire to give it that nice organic feel. Having a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I understand the stress it puts on family.


Full color poster, finished size of 24"X36"

RIP Hubert Bill Clardy "Grandpa"
Imagine Lrg
  • Imagine close up
  • Imagine in context

Imagine 2011


Final branding and style for the Imagine 2011 Senior Student Showcase. I collaborated with side three other colleagues to complete various printed pieces for the show, which includes posters, flyers, invites, web graphics, tickets, and nametags.


Concept, branding, poster creation and various web graphics with a finished size 11"X17", 8.5"X11"

Apple Lrg
  • Apple Sm 1
  • Apple Sm 2
  • Apple Bottom 1
  • Apple Bottom 2
Apple Bottom 3

Apple Annual Report


An annual report for Apple inc. The main concept builds on Apple's strong branding and implements the old Ipod campaign to create an original annual report.


24 pages with a finished size of 6.5"X9.5"

Northstar Lrg
  • Northstar Sml 1
  • Northstar Sml 2



A snowboarding event sponsored by Red Bull and Northstar at Tahoe.


Full color 3 panel mailer with a diecut with a finished size of 3.6"X8.5" double sided folded

Illustration Lrg
  • Illustration Sml 1
  • Illustration Sml 2

Political Poster


A hand-illustration for the Jerry Brown campaign that was distributed to four different counties, during the 2010 election for the new Governor of the state of California.


Hand-illustrated, and inked to include text with a finished size of 11"X17" and 8.5"X11"

Milk Branding
  • Milk Sml 1
  • Milk Catalogue
  • Milk Box
  • Milk Billboard 1
Milk Billboard 2



Cause-related branding campaign for a new computer line whose major competitor is Apple computers.


Branding guideline, package design, product catalogue, and various billboards

Ingenious Lrg
  • Ingenious Sml 1
  • Ingenious Sml 2



A campaign collaboration with a colleague for the Senior Design Showcase at IADT.


Concept and Poster design

Rumors branding
  • Rumors Sm 1
  • Rumors Sm 2
  • Rumors Bottom 1
  • Rumors Bottom 2
Rumors Bottom 3



A complete corporate branding for a new perfume geared for females 18 to 25. The perfume run in a price range of $30 to $40 and be sold in local shops and small boutiques.


Branding guideline, package design, bottle prototype, and print advertisement

  • Boondock Sml 1
  • Boondock Sml 2

Boondock Saints Remix


A classic remix of a cult classic. I created a new look for the movie poster and DVD case that focuses on the main characters of the film.


24"X36" Poster and DVD case

Visionary Lrg
  • Visionary Sml 1
  • Visionary Sml 2
  • Visionary Bottom 1
  • Visionary Bottom 2
Visionary Bottom 3



A complete promotional campaign for the Senior Design Showcase at IADT, which was designed around the tagline "Explore a vision through a designer's kaleidoscope and discover a world of brilliance".


Posters, flyers, invitations, and an event program

Euro Lrg
  • Euro Sml 1
  • Euro Sml 2

Euro Knightz Nation


A mockup for the hub site for the Euro Knightz Motorcycle club. This base site will link to 5 other sites for the different chapters in the organization.



Writing Lrg
  • Writing Sml 1
  • Top2writing Sm 2
  • Writing Bottom 1
  • Writing Bottom 2
Writing Bottom 3

Writing on the Mirror


A coffee table book for my inspiration. The idea was inspired by something my roommate at the time and I would do, which was to write our favorite song quotes from our favorite bands on the bathroom mirror with dry
erase markers.


64 page hard cover perfect bound book on matte paper with finished size of 12"X12"

Who I am

Download my most recent resume here

A highly motivated and dedicated design individual ready for what anyone has to throw at me. As long as it is not a brick! Then again I do have cat-like reflexes, so I should be pretty good there as well! As far as designing goes, whether it's making sure every pixel is perfectly placed or painstakingly hand illustrating, everyday I search for new ways to push my creative boundaries to the next level.

Speaking of next level, I am ready to get going! Meaning school is over, I've graduated somewhere near the top of my class, I've completed a few internships, I've some freelance work under my belt, and I've even been published a few times. Needless to say I am ready to find a studio to call my home.

Graphic design is my passion, it's what keeps me going day in and day out. If you are looking for a designer/artist with the drive to keep going, look no more. I am available for full time, part time, and even freelance. If you would like to find a little more information about me, click my picture to download my resume. Or if you are sold already, go ahead give me a ring.

Drop me a line

Do you have a question, comment, or would just like to hire me for some up coming projects? Either way, you can drop me line because I would love to here from you. Cheers